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Creamy Eggplant Pasta

1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
Handful of chives
Handful of basil
2 x sprigs of sage can use thyme or tarragon for a flavour change.
1 egg plant
2 courgettes
1 x cup sliced mushroom
1 x red capsicum
Bunch of spinach
250ml cream
Grated cheese to top
(Chicken, Bacon, scallops or prawns can be added by lightly frying off first and adding to the creamy mixture to cook)

Place onion and garlic in a Tbsp sunflower oil and lightly fry add mushrooms, egg plant, capsicum and courgette add herbs finely chopped, when vegetables are softened add cream and allow to reduce at a gentle heat, will thicken as reduces. Add grated cheese to finish (parmesan, feta or edam) add any other tasty delights as above if you wish.

Serve as a sauce over your favourite Pasta cooked in the normal way.