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Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food


(Artemisia dracunculus) 

We grow two varieties of tarragon, French tarragon and Russian tarragon (A. dracunculoides L.).   

French tarragon is a chef's preferred variety for cooking but it can only be propagated by root division, a slow and challenging process hence not readily available.  

Russian tarragon can be grown from seeds and is a far hardier plant compared to French tarragon. Though the Russian tarragon is weaker in flavour it provides a good substitute for its French cousin.  

Tarragon has a hint of anise smell and taste, hence a popular use for herb vinegar. If you are researching French cuisine you will come across the term fines herbes. Tarragon is one of the four fines herbes. The other three are parsley, chives and chervil. Fines herbes are a combination of herbs that are considered important in French cuisine in seasoning delicate dishes such as chicken, fish and eggs that need a relatively short cooking period. It is also used to season stews, soups and salad. 

It is known to aid digestion, increase appetite, have a calming effect, fight bad breath and body odour and due to the presence of eugenol, have a numbing effect which people use for toothaches by chewing it.