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Kaffir Lime Leaves

(Citrus hystrix) 

Kaffir lime trees are native to Indonesia. It has big thorns on the branches and the leaves are a rich deep green and highly aromatic. It's easy to recognise as the leaf is uniquely different with double leaf lobes. 

The Kaffir lime fruits are also different from other lime tree varieties and have an uneven bumpy surface and are almost deprived of juice. For this reason, it's the leaves that it's mainly grown for. It is best to purchase Kaffir lime leaves fresh as the dried or frozen Kaffir lime leaves are not as aromatic or flavourful as fresh leaves.   

You'll be familiar with Kaffir lime leaves as a key ingredient in Thai cuisine such as the green and red curries. We have found many other uses such as adding the leaves into a jug of water like you would a slice of lemon, adding it to boiling rice, removing the centre of the leaf stem and finely slicing the leaves to stir fry with chicken or seafood, even adding it to oil based salad dressings.  

We cannot think of a suitable substitute for Kaffir lime leaves. To us, there is simply no replacement for the distinct flavour it gives to a dish.