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Italian Parsley

(Petroselinum crispum neapolitanum)

Most people are familiar with the common curly parsley which has been used widely in almost every culture as a dish garnish in restaurants. We grow the flat leaf parsley known as Italian parsley. It is a big hit with professional chefs, but surprisingly hard to find in your average supermarket. 

A good friend of ours showed us how she flavours up chicken pieces with Italian parsley. I was fascinated to watch her cook. It was quick and easy to prepare and the chicken turned out full of flavour. She laid the chicken pieces on a non-stick pan without adding any oil, chopped up a big bunch of Italian parsley, put it on top, added a few cloves of chopped garlic, sprinkled some salt and pepper and turned up the heat. 

Once the pan was heated up, she reduced the heat, covered the pan and just let the chicken simmer in its own juice with the herbs. She turned the pieces once and lifted the cover towards the end to get a nice brown coating on the chicken. It was delicious! 

I have cooked this dish many times and had never failed to impress my guests. Enjoy! 

Italian parsley can also be added raw to salads, finely chopped and sprinkled over sandwiches, egg dishes, vegetables soups, fish and potatoes, added to mayonnaise and many other classic sauces. 

As an experiment, try chewing it raw as a natural breath freshener.