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(Anethum graveolens)

Fresh dill is growing rapidly in popularity because of its versatility and its delicately attractive leaf structure for use as a garnish. Although it is recommended for seafoods it actually goes very well with many other dishes. Dill is used worldwide and is especially popular in European cuisine. We grow a European variety which was selected for its high essential oil content which gives a strong aromatic fragrance.

I learned to appreciate Dill from a European gentleman and I now use it frequently for its flavour and as a garnish. I particularly like it on my soup. Just chopped up the dill and add it to the soup just before serving. It instantly adds appeal and flavour. Just sprinkle some dill to the most basic soup, e.g., potato and leek soup and note the difference it makes.

Dill is nice raw and the chopped leaves can be added to any raw vegetable salad especially cucumber. Dill helps to improve the appetite and digestion.