18 Brigham Creek Road
Auckland 0618
New Zealand
The Herb Patch
Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food

About Us

The Herb Patch

Entrance to The Herb Patch on Brigham Creek Road

We have always desired to live a healthy lifestyle in our increasingly toxic world. This passion has impacted the way we live our lives.

With regards to our farm, we recognise that our actions can impact the environment and we take responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the land. We operate every project on our farm with sustainability in mind.

Over the years we realised that The Herb Patch was not just about business but also about our values. We have learned to find ways to remain true to our values and to ourselves.

We believe in offering more than just fresh quality products people can trust. We want to offer people a relationship to our farm and an appreciation of the philosophy behind The Herb Patch.

The Basil House

The Basil House

We recognise and value our customers as the foundation of our business and desire to develop these relationships on principles of mutual trust and respect. To have happy customers is our pride and joy.

We recognise and respect the experience and skills of our staff and their contribution towards the farm. Each individual is trained and developed based on their performance and individual abilities allowing them to grow to their full potential.

We recognise our suppliers as an important extension to our business. We value and aim to develop mutually profitable and lasting relationships with them all.

The Chives Patch

The Chives Patch

To ourselves and our children, we are committed to operate an ethical business with care and efficiency; to remain true to our family value of hard work and devotion to quality of product and service; to work with passion and be curious about the relationship between our food and our body.

We are committed to remain forever as students of nature and be on a continuous journey to discover more about “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food” – a quote from Hippocrates.