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Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food
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Welcome to The Herb Patch!

“Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food”

When I first came across this quote I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood. Herbs were our very first medicine. Mum’s homemade herbal medicine tasted real bad – often bitter, pungent and uninviting. Hence for me it was unimaginable to even consider letting ‘medicine be food’.

Over the years because of our personal health challenges and having gained a better understanding of the healing properties of food in its natural form, ‘let your food be medicine and your medicine be food’ adds an exciting new dimension to the way we think about food. It literally transforms the way we shop, cook and enjoy our food.

The more we learn about herbs the more intrigued we became about these fabulous herbs. There are hundreds of different herbs with hundreds of different uses. We now grow 32 different types of herbs on our farm including the well know herbs like mint, basil, chives, parsley, rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram and thyme and the not so well known ones like angelica, lemon grass, lemon thyme, kaffir lime leaves, upland cress and Vietnamese mint.

In the pages that follow we will introduce you to some of our herbs. All pictures of herbs used on our website are from our farm. Where appropriate we will share how we personally use some of the herbs to flavour our food as well as our lives.

We are on a journey of continuous learning and improvement and are thankful to be learning from our family, our friends and our customers. It would be great to hear from you also and to have you share your thoughts and experiences about herbs with us. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website as much as we have enjoyed putting the pages together.

Yours truly,
David & Gillian Ng